Setaria Viridis with Pot

  • 66*12cm, 6 tail
  • 93*37*12cm, 6pcs in
  • PE/PVC
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This artificial Setaria Viridis grass pot has a size of 66*12cm, it has 6pcs Setaria viridis grass. This artificial grass is from autumn because the leaves are going to yellow, the grass seeds are about to ripen. The main material is PE or PVE. This is a high-quality simulation of the Setaria Viridis, no matter from looking or from touching, it is same as actual grass.

Because the leaf of the is artificial Setaria viridis is thin and slim, it is easy to break during transportation, so we must take care when we move or transport it. However, in case there is some leaf breaking, we can put this leaf inside the other leaves, or we can recover it with some transparent glue. Of course, there are some breaking leaves for actual grass that is not a problem, it is a normal thing.

Setaria Virdis is also known as green foxtail, green bristlegrass, and wild foxtail millet. We manufacture wide range of artificial plants, trees, artificial grass, and foliage.


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