Leaflet Camellia with Pot

  • 68*12cm, 4 Flower
  • 98*37*12cm, 6pcs in
  • PE or PVC
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This artificial grass is made of PE or PVC, green color, with some small flowers, white and brown, of course the small flower is a kind of creative, because it is artificial grass with artificial flowers, we could have some creative based on real, so if there is any other requirement for new design, we also can do it.

Grass is the most common plants we can see everywhere, the most plant we grow indoor is some flowers or beautiful plants, that is why the most of the artificial plants are flowers and special beautiful plants. Recently, people find this kind of artificial grass is nice looking, even it is a kind of normal grass, long and slim green or brown grass, some with artificial flowers, some are not, it is simple but beautiful! and this artificial grass is very natural, almost same as real no matter from looking or from touching! It is really high-quality artificial grass!


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