Bamboo Silk Flower Pot

Name: 27″ Artificial Bamboo Silk Flower Onion Grass Pot

Size: 68*12cm, 4 Flower

Carton size: 98*37*12cm, 6pcs pots inside.

Main Material: PVC/PE

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1. Artificial High copy of Bamboo silk flower, made of real silk, touches soft, smooth and silky! Looks much delicate and realistic!

2. The main material for artificial grass is PVC or PE, no matter the color or the shape of the grass leaves, looks almost same like the real grass. Even we can clearly see the fluff on the leaves, also we can see the speck on the artificial grass leaf that may be caused by rain or something else, and the leaves have serrated edges. All these details make this artificial onion grass looks same as the real grass plant.

3. Same as real grass, we have to take care of the artificial onion grass leaves, if the leaf breaks, it cannot recover. However, if the leaf breaks, we may use transparent glue to help it to recover, but cannot be same as before, be careful that does not put too much glue on the leaf because the glue can flow along the leaf, which makes the leaf much dirty and looks ugly!


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